Cartuja de Escaladei

 Cartuja de Escaladei

The Carthusian of Escaladei, founded in the 12th century, is considered to be the first Carthusian of the Iberian Peninsula. Its origin goes back to year 1194 in which the king Alfonso II the Casto donated the lands in which later the charter was raised. Subsequent successive renovations were made until the 18th century where there were three cloisters and up to 30 cells. It was a center of religious interest and had an important pictorial school headed by Joaquín Juncosa. The current name of the region, Priory, comes from the existence of this Carthusian, although the current territory is less extensive than the original domains of the Carthusian. In 1835 after the confiscation, the community was abandoned, resulting in the destruction of the whole.

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