Ulldecona Castle

 Ulldecona Castle

The Medieval Castle, declared a Castle of Cultural Interest, can be found on the top of a hill known as Mount of the Castle, which is part of the Serra de Godall. The visibility and the fertility and wealth of the land were features that increased the strategic value of this area. The oldest remains that have been discovered show that that area was already populated during the Iberian era, between the 5th and the 1st centuries before Christ. Arabic peoples settled there during the 9th century and they started to build some of the buildings whose remains can be seen nowadays in the area. Ramón Berenguer IV conquered the south of the current territory of Catalonia in the 12th century and the medieval buildings started to be built. The castle was inhabited until the end of the 13th century, when the people from Ulldecona started to settle in the plain. In 1986, the Town Council bought the Castle.

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