Castle Of Zafra

The Castle of Zafra is a 12th-century castle located in the municipality of Campillo de Dueñas, in Guadalajara. Built in the late 12th or early 13th centuries on a sandstone outcrop in the Sierra de Caldereros, it stands on the site of a former Visigothic and Moorish fortification that fell into Christian hands in 1129. It had considerable strategic importance as a virtually impregnable defensive work on the border between Christian and Muslim-ruled territory. HBO filmed outdoor scenes for season 6 of its fantasy series Game of Thrones at the castle. According to its present owner, Daniel Antonio Sanz, the producers were "looking for a remote site and away from any building". The castle stands in for the Tower of Joy in three episodes of the season, "Oathbreaker", "Blood of My Blood" and "The Winds of Winter", during flashback scenes that reveal a secret from Ned Stark's past.

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